GEBERIT Support frame for HYGISEAT

Support frame for HYGISEAT hung version, with automatic flush pre installed .
Réf. SUP 1055
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Sales price: 510,00 €
Sales price without tax: 425,00 €
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Manual flush control

Support frame covering option


GEBERIT Support frame for HYGISEAT hung version ceramic or stainless steel
with automatic flush control pre installed .



On request: tight support frame 415 mm, angle frame, low frame height 820 mm, solid support frame through the wall for PRM grab bars for


Ref. SUP 1055 Surface-mounted - Dim. 1120 x 500 x 135 / 200 mm

Ref. SUP 1054 Self-supporting - Dim. 1120 x 500 x 200 mm


Manual flush control

(see related manual control)

Stainless-steel-flush-plate    HYGISEAT-white-flush-plate     HYGISEAT-chrome-finish-flush-plate    HYGISEAT-black-flush-plate


Support frame covering

(see related post formed covering)