STANDARD: Triggering by hand detection contactless.
Seat rotation for Germibloc product cleaning and drying. Automatic flush.
12 seconds cycle time



OPTION N°1: DOUBLE DETECTION on hung version or stainless steel. Automatic cycle triggering at the user's departure, without intentional triggering by hand approach.              

   WC HYGISEAT HYGISEAT self-cleaning WC demonstration 
fleche1 OPTION N°2: SPREADING INSIDE THE BOWL on ceramic hung version.
Personal detection for blue product spreading at the arrival, foaming and organic cleaning HYGISEAT in the bowl on the flange under the toilet lid. Reduce adhesions and facilitates cleaning.
   HYGISEAT OPTION PULVERISATION Blue spreading product option
fleche1 OPTION N°3: SaniAir ODOURS EXTRACTIONS on hung version.
No filter, efficient unpleasant odours extractions in the bowl to exhaust in the waste outlet. Allows toilet ventilation keeping the warmth usually wasted in the ceiling suction system.



video-hygiseatSUP1500 HYGISEAT movie


Did you know? The seat of all dangers!

Germs in material faeces , are multiplied in the bowl, is deposited on the toilet lid, and via hands, on the flush and on the handle door. A toilet passage after someone suffering from diarrhoea and you can leave with dirty hands (bacterium, virus or parasite). And if you forget to wash your hands before touching your mouth, gastro-enteritis is here! First solution, washing hands before going out. Second solution: desinfecting the bowl and the toilet lid.


Compliance with the public bathroom FRENCH NORM NF P 99 - 611 of July 1992 on public washrooms

1 - The law enforcement:
Application on all the public facilities welcoming public, which are directly accessible to all.  

5.1. The user has to fine a perfect clean place, which necessitates to be cleaned again after each use.  

5.1.1 Hygiene disinfection
Concerning the sanitary part in contact with the skin's potential user, if the state of cleanliness is not satisfactory, it may transmit a disease or an infection.

Keeping that in mind, the concerned seat has to be desinfected or protected after each use.