EXTREME infrared detection lavatory faucet

Infrared detection lavatory faucet minimalist design, perfect round shape balance...
Réf. RES-2
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Robinet automatique EXTREMERobinet automatique EXTREME
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Tall version option for countertop washbasin

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Infrared detection Electronic faucet.
The brass vandal proof manufacturing allows installation on exposed location.
Its elegant design brings a modern and refined style your sanitary spaces.
The faucet is designed for an easy installation and maintenance, with all the components integrated in the faucet body.
Battery housing access under the washbasin

automatic-faucet-EXTREME-brushed-finish electronic-faucet-EXTREME


- Pre-adjusted infrared detection optimized or adjustable by remote control (flow time, sensor range, temporary stop).
- Power supply by 230/9 V transformer or 9 V battery.
- Safety stop after 90 seconds without interruption(adjustable by remote control).
- Low energy consumption, battery time life about 2 years or 250 000 cycles.
- Low battery indicator light for replacement.



Vision 3D mixing-tap-EXTREME-brushed-finish

- Water pressure: 0.5 – 8 bar
- Maximum temperature 70°C.

- Mix cold and hot water for mixer version, with solenoid valve integrated into the faucet body

- NEOPERL orientable aerator to adjust the water stream direction, with 6 L/min limited flow rate (1,9 L/min. or 3L/min. on request)

- SPEX hoses (resistant to chlorinated disinfection and temperature increase) with non return valve integrated.

- 3 years. ACS. CE.

touch-free-faucet-with-mixer-EXTREME               touch-free-electronic-faucet-EXTREME      

Various spout heights and lengths according to the kind of washbasin:

Taller spout, see related EXTREME taller faucet 

Luminous ring, see related EXTREME ILLUMINO faucet


- RES-31 remote control
- Brush finish (minimum quantity)

- Anti-legionella hygienic flush
- Limited flow rate 1,9L/min. or 3 L/min.
- IP68 transformer (ref. RES-292)
- 230/9V IP67 transformer to feed from 1 to 3 faucets (ref. RES-291).
   Allows a deported installation (false ceiling) and bare wires connexion without plug

- 230/12V IP 68 transformer to feed from 1 to 4 faucets (ref. RES-294)
- 230/12V junction housing to feed up to 10 faucets (ref. RES-295)
- Back up battery housing, for mains operated version (ref. RES-0320)




The different possible dimensions:

Dimensions RES-2 battery

Dimensions RES-3 mixer tap mains

Dimensions RES-1L long spout mixer tap on battery