Disinfectant Germibloc product

Box of 4 disinfectant Germibloc product
Réf. SUP 1090
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Produit désinfectant Germibloc pour WC HYGISEATProduit désinfectant Germibloc
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GERMIBLOC ref. SUP 1090 cleaning, disinfectant, deodorizer and biodegradable, specially designed for HYGISEAT toilet.

Prevents from tartar deposit for a good toilet functioning and treat germs in charge of unpleasant odour development.
Every time the cleaning cycle is activated, the product is immerged in water and delivers an efficient dose against lots of micro-organisms.

• Solid block of 72 g, easy to manipulate and to stock.
Disinfectant GERMIBLOCTM product substitution when the device emits 3 beeps at the end of a cycle, every 1000 uses.

Fungicide NFEN 1275 norm compliant - NFEN 1040 Bactericide norm compliant


Simplified maintenance:

remplacement produit 1 remplacement produit 2 1. Remove the cover with a key and switch to set to the OFF position.
2. Unscrew the tap of the product mixer.
3. Replace the empty bottle screwing without forcing the new bottle on the fill cap.
4. Close the mixer (tight enough for closing perfectly).
5. Switch again on ON (3 beeps) then replace the cover.